TechBootCamp Costs

The cost of this bootcamp is £7995

How much does it cost?
The total cost including VAT is £7995.
What does this include?
It includes your electronic courseware, cloud based high performance computer environment, all instruction.
Are there any other costs?
There are no other costs unless you would like us to provide you with a laptop computer in the classroom for the duration of the training. One can be provided for the nominal charge of £30/week but we would rather you bought your own.
Are there any finance options?
The government do have a career loan which you can apply for. We can work with you with that if you would like to explore that option.
How do I pay?
We recommend a bank transfer although we can also accept card payments via PayPal
When do I pay?
We require a £500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place, and then the rest of the money can be paid at any time before the first day. We do not allow anyone to attend the training who has not paid.
Are there any opportunities to get my cost reduced?
We are currently exploring with partner employers whether we can get you a 'golden hello' of around £2000 since ordinarily they would have had to pay a recruiter to find you. We feel that this money could come back to you. We will provide more information on this once we have some concrete feedback from partners.